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Here are N.Were designs we truly care about your peace of mind. We want your online shopping experience to be nothing less than stress free and are therefore fully committed to protecting your security and privacy.

As regular online customers and fashion enthusiasts ourselves, we fully appreciate the importance of having our own privacy protected on the internet, therefore, we respect your right to that same privacy.

For this reason, we use PayPal to processes all of our online transactions. As a result we do not receive or store any of your credit card information – this is handled by our payment provider, PayPal. For more information on PayPal’s security please click here.

Your Account and Password Safety

Our commitment to customer service means we’ll do our best to make sure you, and only you, can access your account. However, please ensure that both the email address and password that you submit upon registration are kept safe.

Our security procedures mean that we may request this information as proof of identity before we reveal any personal information to you. We will not be held responsible for any of the actions we take in response to a request from someone using your correct e-mail and password.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use your browser’s ‘save password’ memory function as that would permit other people using your terminal to access your personal information. As a secondary measure you should change your passwords regularly and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.

Forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your password then please go to Sign In > Forgotten Password. We will email you instructions on how to change your password.

When creating your new password we advise you to include numbers and letters – ideally a mixture of lower and uppercase. Make sure it’s something memorable and try not to leave a copy of it on your computer. For information on password strength and safety tips click here.

Updating your Details

Please ensure that your details are always kept up-to-date. If you have placed an order, and notice an error with the shipping address, please contact us as soon as possible.

To edit your billing or shipping addresses go to sign in > my account (from the ‘my account’ page you can choose to edit either your billing or shipping address).

We would like to wish you an enjoyable online shopping experience. You have our word that we will do all we can on our part to make this possible.