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Our story so far… part 1 of 3. Meet the Maker!

Meet the maker! Nelson Were

Meet the maker!?

This month our business celebrates its 7th birthday !!So, I thought I would share with you a little bit about my story and how we came to be here.

My Story (part 1 of 3 )

Growing up in Kenya was a tough life, but I wouldn’t change any of it. It has made me the man I am today. I grew up in the Kenyan countryside, living in traditional mud houses with a tin roof. I am one of 8 siblings and money was scarce. I remember walking long distances to school without shoes or breakfast in my stomach. I used to watch other children longingly while they ate their lunch and hope that a friend would share with me. Our only meal of the day was when I got home, cooked on an open fire. It was a hard upbringing helping my Mum and Nan in the fields, fetching wood and water but it was all I knew. Back then I could never have dreamed about where I am today. As a teenager I relocated to Mombasa to stay with my father and step mother in a slum. This life was even worse and eventually I ran away and lived by my wits on the streets for a while.During my twenties I was living in Nairobi and that is where my passion for fashion and design began to emerge. I used to sell second hand men’s shirts in a market. I used to wash, iron and package them nicely with a matching tie and display them well. My stall was always popular. I progressed onto having a denim stall. I worked hard to survive and keep a roof over my head and help support my mum and siblings. One day I had an idea to design a shoe. I had the design produced by a local cobbler and they were very popular. I also used to design clothes, choose fabrics and have them made by a tailor. My designs even made it into the Kenyan national newspaper when I designed the denim boiler-suit style outfits for a large dance group that were performing at a Chevelle Franklyn concert at the city Stadium.To be continued …. in part 2 I will tell you about meeting my wife and what happens next!….